Welcome To About Us

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What sets our belts apart?


Our standard belts are build from 9-10 oz. Herman Oak Leather. The inside is lined with 2-3 oz. Herman Oak Leather. This inside lining gives a smooth interior for comfort and easy wearing. We stitch our belts with nylon thread to give them superior strength and a long life span. The stitch lines are grooved, therefore they sit flush with the leather and do not stick out. This provides a longer life span because if not grooved, the stitches will fray over time from rubbing your belt loops. If you purchase a Workman belt, it is single layered and leveled. We build Workman belts out of 11-13 oz. Herman Oak Leather to give you a heavy duty belt. You also have the option of adding a false stitch to make it look like a double layered belt, but it is only single layered. We hand-rub our edges to ensure a smooth slick finish. We use a variety of methods to rub edges, and believe smooth edges is what completes the quality of a hand made belt.

Patterns and Tooling

We are a custom shop, meaning if you have an idea or thought, we can bring it to life. We offer a wide variety of belt styles, patterns, and tooling styles. You can check out the “Belts” section in our product gallery to find pictures and examples.


We offer several different hardware options on belts, but default is a nickel Alamo Buckle and matching keeper. On a Workman series belt, we offer a simple buckle either in brushed nickel, gunmetal finished, and chrome plated brass. A Workman belt has a leather keeper unlike a standard belt. The buckle is riveted in place and you cannot swap it out. On a standard single or double layered belt we use Chicago Screws. This allows you to swap buckles but maintain a stronger belt, unlike snaps.

About Us

This page was created so we could share stories about our history, explain why our products look like they do, and talk about the hardware and techniques that put our products above the rest. WC Custom Leather rose from the ashes of Harold’s Saddle Shop. When the shop closed a long-time employee placed all the sewing machines and tools in storage. In 2019, Westin Cobb pulled these machines out of storage and brought life back to Harold’s Saddle Shop. Rebranded as WC Custom Leather, the shop focused on smaller custom items, rather than saddles. This is the company we are today. While we are staying true to our roots by using some traditional methods of leatherwork, we incorporate the highest quality tools in our work today. Get your WC Custom Leather Product today.

WC Custom Leather

We strive to make the best products. We only use the best materials, tools, and products. While we mainly focus on custom belts, knife sheaths, and premium western holsters, we do offer a wide range of products. Everything can be customized to your liking. One disclaimer is that we WILL NOT copy another craftsmen’s work. We can duplicate a historical piece, or put our on “spin on an item”, but we will not copy another person’s creation.

Our products are original patterns that have been revised and tweaked over time. We strive to satisfy a customer to their liking and needs. If you are interested in what we build, check out our gallery.